We're a group of experienced web and game developers who operate sites and projects for the sub-genres that we target. Among our portfolio, we generally control some of the most successful sites and products in each niche market we target.

Our belief is that fly by night scams and tricks which bring short term success are short sighted, and the only way to long term gains are by developing real and useful content in the smaller markets which are often overlooked by the larger outfits, who are generally more interested in fast cash than lasting products.

We have wholesome values and a caring attitude which makes us reknowned in our segments for being trusted and legitimate operators who will do the right thing by our communities.

Our projects

Here's a quick overview of some of our more successful ventures:

Where we are

Norganna's AddOns Pty Ltd is a privately held Australian company which is owned and operated by its employees, when the people you deal with have a vested interest in making the company a success, you know they'll do their very best to accomodate your needs.